Aula de Estudios Sociales

The Social Studies Classroom (Aula d'Estudis Socials - AES) is a non-profit organization whose goal is the training of professionals, students, children and society in general, in all sorts of social problems, significantly emphasizing the field of people with disabilities.



Sociocultural Animation Activities

Members of the B1B2B3 in a Sociocultural activity
Properament podrà llegir sobre les nostres surtides d'Oci i Animació Sociocultural
Dues socies en una excursió per la sierra de Collserola

Click  here if you want to read about the leisure and sociocultural activities organized by our Association for this weekend . This section is available in Spanish and Catalan only.

Two mambers in an excrusion to Collserola


Accessibility tools for the blind and Low Vision news

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